Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Angels among us...

So i thought i couldn't feel any more gratitude for all that i am blessed with. That was until the Festival of trees.... I have never been but our good friends Mindy and Travis participate in this charitable event every year. Mindy donates her time, money and creativeness to decorate and dedicate her tree to someone she loves every year. You might think that it wouldn't be to difficult to decorate and donate a tree... Well that is where you are wrong.... Countless of hours go into preparing a tree for this event. Lights have to be wired to the tree, ornaments glued, and that is only the beginning. Mindy does all of this while juggling the scheduled of their 5 beautiful children. Last year Mindy and Travis dedicated their Silent Night themed tree to Landon's twin brother that was lost during her pregnancy.
Trav and Mindy you both are amazing, thank you for everything you bring into our lives.

Most trees are dedicated to survivors or a deceased loved one and their stories are posted next to the tree. I was drawn (of course) to all of the trees with pictures of small children. I couldn't imaging watching my baby suffer or be incubated with tubes coming from everywhere.. There was a survival story of twin boys who at birth weighed 15 oz. and no larger than a dollar bill. Unfortunately there were more dedicated to ones that have passed on than survivors.

All of the monies raised are donated to Primary Children's. For the past few years my sister and brother in law (Angie and Carson) have bid and purchased many trees. They have spent countless nights at the bedside of their children at Primary for one reason or another. We are so blessed to have them all Healthy!!

I have never cried for the loss and heartache for so many other people in that short period of time than i did last night... Needless to say when we got home i took Nixon out of his crib and snuggled him like crazy.. kissed him till he couldn't stand it any more... I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many loving and giving people.

I am so thankful for the health of my loved ones and friends..


Elyse and Clint said...

It's Elyse Stowell. I found you through many blogs. But I'm glad I did. You look great and sooo happy. I hope you don't mind. but I'm adding you as a friend on my blog so I can keep up on you. Love ya.

Ashley Engar said...

Linds! I'm so glad you have a I can creep and see what you're up to. It was SO good to see you, wonderful surprise. Tell Brynn we need to do a girls night out!